April 24, 2014

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What was the game changer at SPAR International 2014 (continued)?

As a long-time SPAR attendee and what some may call an industry veteran, I have been both amazed at the growth of the conference over the last 11 years and a little disappointed in our industry as a whole. While newcomers are likely to obtain a great wealth of knowledge from the exhibit hall and great selection of sessions covering every aspect of the 3D imaging industry, there are those of us who come looking for what’s next… what’s the next game changer?

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SPAR 2014 Wrap-Up

Now that SPAR 2014 is in the books, I thought we’d take a look at what I found to be the most interesting things from a very full week. In fact, it’s getting so I need a couple of days off to recover after these conventions (not that I actually did, BTW!). Between breakfast meetings, 11 hours of exhibition booth management, as many presentations as I can sneak in, dinner meetings, and the occasional night cap, I think I averaged 18-20 hours per day “on the clock”. Good thing I like what I do...


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