April 25, 2015

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Viking Drone Front
  • FAA Approves UAV Use for Search and Rescue in Maine

    SPAR Point Group staff

    Under the summary grant process, the FAA has begun to issue an unprecedented number of 333 exemptions for UAV use. One company that received an exemption from a newly invigorated FAA gives this reporter a bit of home-state pride: Maine's Downeast Emergency Medicine Institute. Bangor Daily News is reporting that DEEMI are the first civilian entity to receive a 333 exemption from the FAA to perform search and rescue operations. 


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Deep Learning Front
  • The Bleeding Edge of Automatic Modeling

    Sean Higgins

    The challenges involved in keeping asset models updated are great. Point clouds can be simple enough to gather, but you need to process them by identifying objects in order to create useful, smart models. The industry has developed software that saves a lot of work by automating that task, but there's still room to improve. Here are a few smart solutions I saw at SPAR 2015.



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