July 24, 2014

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07.23.14 Rail Plus Mobile Lidar

3D for Infrastructure: Rail + Mobile LiDAR = Joy

If you have ever needed to survey a railroad, you should be acutely aware of the inherent difficulties and dangers of working on a rail corridor. Safety is the highest priority for anyone working around or on the tracks, and protection through watchmen and flaggers is a must. Limiting the time spent on the right-of-way is always the goal. Gathering any more than the minimal amount of data is not feasible, and the general idea is to “get what you need and get off.”

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07.23.14 Harddrive

Forget About Archiving

This week my landlord began making various improvements to the property where my office is located in Franklin, TN (in the Nashville area). By Friday, most things had been repainted and he had a crew installing a new rubber membrane on the roof of the building that adjoins ours. It being Friday, I suppose, one of the workers became a bit overzealous with the blowtorch and melted a few wires on the HVAC unit atop the building. Their insulation now dripping away, the wires started a fire that caught part of the roof and required a visit from the fire department.


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