February 27, 2015

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Harris Front
  • ILMF Highlight: Harris' Commercial Geiger-Mode LiDAR Service

    SPAR Point Group staff

    This week Harris Corporation showcased what they are calling the first commercially available Geiger-mode LiDAR sensor, the ITI-100, which is the centerpiece of their new Geiger-mode LiDAR service. Harris claims that it offers ten times the speed and resolution of traditional linear-mode LiDAR, a significant increase in power that allows them to "put higher-quality elevation products into our customers' hands faster and more affordably than ever before."


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UAV Workshop Front
  • UAV Workshop: Who Owns the Sky?

    Sean Higgins

    In this first part of our coverage on the ILMF UAV workshop, we join Brendan Schulman, the nation's most recognizable UAS lawyer and best known as @dronelaws on twitter as he asks: Who owns the sky? You? The FAA? Are they allowed to tell you not to fly on your own property?



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