July 2, 2015

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LFM Front
  • LFM Launches Netview 4.0

    LFM Software

     LFM Software announced today that it is launching major enhancements to its laser scan technology portfolio with new releases of LFM NetView and LFM Server. The introduction of new 3D mark-up functionality to both products allows users to add, access and share asset intelligence in the form of tag identifiers, attributes and comments as well as links to associated documents and information.


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Rovina Front
  • Rovina's Robot Maps Hazardous Environments Autonomously

    Sean Higgins

    Remote-controlled robots can scan many areas that can't be reached with traditional systems--but the area that the ROVINA project wants to scan is more of a problem than most. They need a robot that can explore and scan the catacombs of Rome, an environment full of challenges like radon gas, structurally unsound passages, poor lighting, steep slopes, and debris. The solutions they've worked out are ingenious.



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