December 2, 2015

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Faro Focus 3D X30
  • FARO’s Focus 3D X 30: An Entry-Level Scanner

    SPAR Point Group Staff

    FARO has announced a new, entry-level addition to their product line: the Focus 3D X 30 laser scanner. Its range of 30 meters positions it as the short-range option in the Focus 3D lineup, suitable for applications in architectural preservation, as-built documentation, BIM, facilities management, and forensics.


Latest Blog

  • Autodesk on Construction and “The Future of Making Things”

    Sean Higgins

    Autodesk delivered their first-ever Autodesk University construction keynote to a packed room this morning. Stacy Scopano, senior industry strategy manager for construction at Autodesk opened the session on the technologies and trends disrupting the construction industry, including drones, 3D capture, mobile computing, and more.



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