August 20, 2014

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  • What's Up With UAS? Pt. 2

    Sean Higgins, Online Editor, SPAR Point Group

    The second installment of a series on the current state of unmanned aerial system technology. That installment summarized some important points from a very well attended plenary session on UAS technology during the 3D Mapping Forum at the Esri User conference. The lively panel discussion featured Baptiste Tripard from Sensefly, Adam Rice from Skycatch, Bret Kugelmass from Airphrame and Andy Nickerson from Aerovel.


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  • Changing Formats for Changing Tastes

    Sam Billingsley

    Whenever I think of format wars, I immediately think of point cloud deliverables. When clients request a 2D deliverable, I feel as though they are asking me to reduce my 3D Blu-ray to VHS so that they can watch it at home. Why do they do this?


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