April 19, 2015

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  • FAA Speeds Up UAS Exemption Process

    SPAR Point Group staff

    Last week, the FAA was busy. First, they issued 30 new exemptions under the "summary grant" process, which the agency says will speed up 333 exemptions and allow more operators to start using their UAS for commercial purposes. The 30 new exemptions, including Amazon, Bechtel, and USAA, bring the total number of exemptions to 99--an increase of almost 43%.


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  • LiDAR Sized for Cell Phones

    Sean Higgins

    Last month, researchers at Caltech revealed an extremely compact 3D-imaging technology made up of individual LiDAR devices, each one a silicon chip about a hundred microns in size. Despite these incredible numbers, Caltech's website says that the coherent imager device is capable of "the highest depth-measurement accuracy of any such nanophotonic 3-D imaging device," putting the accuracy squarely in the micron range.



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