July 31, 2014

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07.30.14 New Crossrail Canary Wharf Station

That's the Point: Finding Space Under London

If you’ve ever used public transport in London, you will be aware that there is a need to increase the capacity of the city’s public transport infrastructure. Just looking at my employer, London Underground, the numbers are quite staggering. The tube carries over 1 billion passengers a year, with up to 4 million journeys made per day. So it is no wonder that during peak times the trains and platforms are very busy.

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07.30.14 Chipping Away

Chipping Away

I receive an advert at least twice a week from some person or company wanting to take over mowing my lawn for me. Occasionally, they knock on the door to speak with me while they are cleaning one of my neighbors’ homes and I always decline. The reason is simple: I like to do it myself. The look on their faces when I tell them this relays a sense of disbelief, which I don’t quite understand. After all, if mowing is so horrible that they can’t imagine someone wanting to do it himself, then why in the world are they doing it for a living? The truth of the matter is that I enjoy yard work because it is different from my day job in one incredibly enjoyable way: I see an immediate result.


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