March 29, 2015

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Ebee Uav Front
  • FAA Issues "Blanket" COAs for 333 Exemption Holders

    SPAR Point Group staff

    The FAA has announced an interim policy "to speed up airspace authorizations for commercial unmanned aircraft (UAS) operators who obtain Section 333 exemptions." Though new rules will not be finalized for quite some time, the FAA expects that these policies will "bridge the gap between the past process, which evaluated every UAS operation individually, and future operations after we publish a final version of the proposed small UAS rule.


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  • SPAR 2015 Preview

    Sam Billingsley

    A show preview from our Hired Gun: "SPAR 2015 is upon us and I am very excited about the lineup this year. It seems to me that it is in an adolescent phase that is about to end as the scanning and 3D imaging market has matured as we know it. A quick look at this year’s lineup of presenters and exhibitors has a lot of new faces and is an indicator of the rapid expansion of 3D technologies into a plethora of new industries. So, what are the drivers that are changing SPAR? (IMHO, of course…)"



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