April 1, 2015

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  • Exclusive Details on ClearEdge 3D's EdgeWise 5.0

    SPAR Point Group staff

    This week during SPAR International 2015, ClearEdge 3D has announced version 5.0 of their popular Edgewise software. According to Chief Scientist and CTO Kevin Williams, the updates made possible by the company's fifth NSF grant make ClearEdge 5.0 a "fundamentally better release" than previous versions, including drastically improved auto-recognition for piping and gridded steel structures.


Latest Blog

Geoff Jacobs Front
  • SPAR Insider: Leica Announces New Line of Scanners, New Software

    Sean Higgins

    In this episode of the SPAR Insider podcast series, I interview Geoff Jacobs, Senior VP of Strategic Marketing at Leica Geosystems, about Leica's extensive line of new products. He lays out all the hard details on Leica ScanStations P40/P30/P16 scanners and the HDSTM software products Leica JetStream, Leica TruView Global & Leica CloudWorx for Navisworks. There's a lot to cover, and this is a big one.



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