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 Alexandre Pollini (larger)(1)  Alexandre Pollini
Programme Manager, Swiss Center for Electronics and Micro-mechanisms SA
Systems Division

Alexandre Pollini is a Program Manager at the Swiss Center for Electronics and Micro-mechanisms (CSEM) in the SA Systems Division. He holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering as well as an MBA in Management and Corporate Finance. His previous work at CSEM includes team management as the Section Head for the United Arab Emirates division and Project Manager for projects related to wireless networks and embedded systems including the production of the first European demonstration of an ultrawideband multi-sensor network for biomedical monitoring. His research interests include Metrology (optics and radiofrequency), discrete analogue and digital electronics, low power microprocessors, embedded systems, multi-sensor wireless network, communication protocols, instrumentation, biomedical signals monitoring, radiofrequency circuits, power drivers, lasers, 3D vision systems and geospatial navigation.



Navigation for Future Space Exploration Missions Based on Imaging LiDAR Technologies  

The smooth landing of Curiosity on Mars in August 2012 with a precision never previously achieved is a remarkable example of what can be accomplished by autonomous exploration space crafts. In the near future, several planned European or international exploration missions (Mars Sample Return, Marco Polo-B) will also include a phase of controlled descent and soft-landing with even higher precision requirements. Their success stands largely in the ability to perform Terrain Relative Navigation (TRN) and surface Hazard Detection (HD) as these missions will land in areas pockmarked and crowded with craters, crevasses and boulders. Imaging LiDAR is considered to be the critical enabling technology to provide these capabilities to landers. After a review of the most significant future exploration missions scenarios and their requirements for proximity navigation, the keynote will present imaging LiDAR architectures and their key subsystems.


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