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SPAR International 2014 is the preeminent technology-neutral conference focused on best practices for end-to-end 3D measurement: capture, process & management, and visualization/deliverables. The goal is to make best use of 3D technologies and associated work processes to reduce costs and improve efficiency, reliability and safety.

We invite you to submit a presentation abstract describing how your organization applies 3D technologies and workflows. Presentation abstracts should address real challenges, outcomes achieved, and what is still needed from technology and/or processes to meet goals. Presenters at SPAR International find tremendous value in sharing new approaches with our world-class audience, making new industry connections and inspiring fresh thinking about familiar challenges. 


TOPICS include but are not limited to:

3D Capture best practices using:

 •    Laser Scanning
Airborne LIDAR
 •    Mobile Surveying/Mapping
 •    Integration of Terrestrial, LIDAR, Mobile Surveying and other technologies
 •    Next-Generation Photogrammetry
 •    Underwater Measurement 
 •    Short-range scanning
•    3D data capture in mines and other challenging environments
 •    Kinect, UAVs and other new tools applied commercially 
 •    Structured light scanning
 •    Indoor and portable 3D data capture 

Data Processing methods and challenges such as:

 •    Selecting the right software tools 
 •    Integration of CAD and GIS with point cloud processing solutions
 •    Automated feature extraction
 •    Dimensional control for fabrication and modular construction
 •    Building Information Modeling (BIM)  
 •    Intelligent 3D Models
 •    Tracking measurements in time and space
 •    Handling documentation for terabytes of data 

Delivery/Visualization of 3D models such as:

 •    Web-based file sharing   
 •    Augmented Reality
 •    Virtual Simulation and “Serious Gaming”
 •    3D/4D GIS
 •    3D printing 

Other important issues such as: 

•    Workflow process improvement 
 •    3D imaging for reverse engineering
 •    Standardizing data formats
 •    Risk minimization   



 INDUSTRIES include but are not limited to:

 •    Energy/Utility: Oil and Gas Production, Refining, Nuclear Power, Offshore Construction, Shipbuilding
 •    Process Plants: Chemical, Water, Waste
 •    Building/Architecture 
 •    Civil/Transportation Infrastructure: Bridge, Road, Tunnel, Rail 
 •    Geotechnical: Tunnel, Mining 
 •    Discrete Manufacturing: Automotive, Aerospace 
 •    Entertainment: Filmmaking, Theme Parks, Video Gaming 
 •    Forensic and Security: Crime Investigation, Security Planning, Military & Defense
 •    Historic and Cultural: Digital preservation of Cultural and Historic Sites

Please note: Presentations must be original and not a repeat of a presentation given at another conference. Please no sales pitches, we cannot consider these for the main program. We give first preference to those working at the organization types listed under “Industries” above.
Would you like to recommend important topics for the program? As we are crafting the program we welcome these ideas. This includes topics for peers to discuss during Dinner Roundtable Discussions; we’ve already had a number of topic requests and welcome more. Please contact any of us with these suggestions, or directly to Linda at; 207-842-5674.
Additionally, live demonstrations will be featured prominently throughout the conference, Do you have a scenario that we can arrange to demonstrate technology capture, processing and delivery? For example: “piping in an industrial plant”, “mock crime scene”, “construction site accident scene” using a variety of capture methods, and demonstrating/discussing the options available, including processing and visualization of results. Please send ideas along to Linda as above.

The SPAR International Conference team and Advisory Board will review all abstracts and respond on all submissions by January 31.


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2014 Conference Program

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Association Meetings & Workshops

>> IAFSM Forensic Metrology Workshop
>> USIBD Workshop
>> bimSMART Summit 


Lee Ellis(1) 

Leon "Lee" Ellis, Colonel, US Airforce (Ret.)
"Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton"

 Adam Metallo2Vincent Rossi 

The Smithsonian's Vincent Rossi & Adam Metallo
"Experiencing the Smithsonian in 3D"

 Magnus Ronnang 

 Volvo's Magnus Rönnäng
"Living in the Point Cloud" 


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Lisa Murray, Director

Linda McLaughlin, Conference Manager

Lee Corkhill, Marketing Manager

Gregg Shapiro, Sales Manager

Laura Dehaan, Attendee Conference Sales

Ana Bisaillon, Conference Coordinator

About SPAR International

SPAR International 3D Measurement & Imaging Conference brings together professionals from diverse markets to discover the latest advances and technologies in 3D data capture, processing and delivery to drive efficiency, improve workflows, reduce project timelines, save money, improve safety and mitigate risk. The conference attracts professionals involved in the design, construction and operation of process, power and offshore facilities; bridges, roads, tunnels and other civil and transportation infrastructure; building and architecture; law enforcement, defense and security; digital cultural heritage; automotive, aerospace and other discrete manufacturing; and other large-scale capital assets. In addition to robust conference programming, the events feature an exhibition full of hardware and software solutions and multiple networking events.
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