July 31, 2014

Point Cloud Engines

These stories explore the software used to manipulate the point clouds gathered by laser scanners. Collecting the data is only half the battle. The next step is utilizing a point cloud engine that will allow you to turn the point clouds into useful models, fly-throughs and fly-bys, animation, or whatever other kind of deliverable the asset owners are looking for.

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Private equity group completes merger of top geospatial services and aerial mapping firms

Quantum Spatial, Inc. is now North America’s largest geospatial and location-based services company as private equity group Arlington Capital Partners (ACP) has acquired GMR Aerial Surveys, Inc. (dba Photo Science) and Watershed Sciences, Inc. (WSI) and merged them with its portfolio firm, AeroMetric, Inc.

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Is 3D imaging state DOTs' best friend?

Around the country, state departments of transportation are installing sensors on bridges, in roadways, and on maintenance vehicles to communicate real-time performance and weather data, allowing engineers to be proactive when it comes to problem solving.

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New standard for mid-range 3D laser scanners on horizon

As 3D imaging hardware and software continue their march toward mainstream, capturing 3D data to boost ROI in building or bridge construction, mapping assets, and increasing the public's safety with real-time navigation information, the industry's first standards have the potential to accelerate their market acceptance, driving the next evolution of systems.

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Private equity group to merge geospatial firms AeroMetric, Photo Science

Two of the nation’s largest geospatial services and aerial mapping firms - AeroMetric, Inc. and Photo Science Inc. - are merging operations into a single entity.

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Acquisition bolsters Autodesk’s portfolio of BIM construction software

With the acquisition of technology assets from Colorado-based Get The Point, LLC now complete, Autodesk on Wednesday introduced new software for layout at construction sites.

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Free lidar mobile app supports 5 mil' points

Software development firm OGSystems LLC, has debuted a free lidar mobile app that lets Android users view, manipulate and analyze 3D point cloud data without desktop and server resources.

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Hexagon AB cuts debt, eyes expansion opportunities

3D measuring and imaging giant Hexagon AB, reported strong, second quarter demand from customers in the United States, China and South America, boosting net sales to €635 million (US$845 million), up 5 percent, and generating earnings of €99.5 million (US$132.4 million), a 9 percent increase.

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Can 3D imaging help shipyards survive global slump?

The global shipbuilding industry is reeling from the impacts of a sputtering economy and global overcapacity. New orders have virtually dried up and the persistent credit crunch is restricting access to loans, squeezing shipbuilders further.

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3D Systems' cloud-based design software buy raises stakes in AEC market

3D printing manufacturer 3D Systems Corp. said Tuesday it acquired VisPower Technology, Inc.’s TeamPlatformhttps://www.teamplatform.com/ cloud-based software and data management platform for project design, manufacturing, and engineering teams to share files and collaborate on CAD/3D printing projects.

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3D laser scanning market to hit $4.08 bil’ by 2018

The global 3D laser scanning market is set to expand from an estimated $2.06 billion in 2013 to $4.08 billion by 2018, at an estimated annual growth rate of 14.6 percent, according to market research firm MarketsandMarkets.

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