February 9, 2016

Augmented reality app for construction industry

Augmented reality (AR) applications have really popped up across the business landscape in recent months. From Audi's AR car manual to Ikea's product catalog, the use of AR to boost a user's experience is largely based in advertising but it makes you wonder what other applications are ripe for the technology.

New app allows fusion of BIM models

  • the mixing of cloud computing and AR
  • the move toward more marker-less, vision-based AR
  • the Internet of Everything and so-called sensor fusion
  • advances in smart eyewear products

The most imminent growth driver for AR is cloud computing. Other prominent issues impacting the market's growth trajectory are data visualization and information overload.

“The cloud is a natural fit for AR developers, considering how big benefits cloud-based content libraries present for image recognition technologies,” said Aapo Markkanen, ABI senior analyst.

Most of the investment is expected to come from companies looking to use AR to boost their marketing programs, including mobile ad efforts, says ABI analyst Aapo Markkanen.

ABI said AR will become a significant enabler for the “Internet of Everything,” specifically big-data analytic, an area where AR and data visualizations will have a close connection to the emergent wearable computing products.

“In a world where a countless number of physical objects and structures will be connected by sensors, AR can serve as a visualization medium that will make the sensor data situational, bridged to the real-world surroundings,” Dan Shey, ABI practice director, predicts. “The consumer aspect is unsurprisingly making most of the headlines here, but we’d expect smart eyewear to initially make more waves in transforming the enterprise. Google Glass, like the smart-glass pioneer Vuzix, will find various use cases in verticals such as engineering, logistics, and healthcare.”


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